Wealth Management

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Wealth Management

We strive to provide a customized wealth and investment advisory solution focused on building and executing investment strategies with the understanding that no two clients are alike. We do not use cookie cutter models. Instead, we rely on our deep knowledge and insight around best practices for wealth management to build and execute highly tailored, comprehensive and dynamic financial strategies. These financial strategies take into account family dynamics / wealth succession, liquidity needs, risk tolerance and time horizon.

In addition to investment selection advice, we focus on managing taxes, fees and expenses to achieve higher yields for our clients. We provide ongoing monitoring and reporting to keep you informed of outcomes.

Our Wealth Management offering is catered to individuals and families with 1 million or more investible assets.

Wealth management services include:

  • Wealth Preservation Strategies
  • Income Strategies
  • Social Security Strategies
  • Portfolio Design
  • Asset Allocation Multi-Generational Strategies

How Fees are Calculated

Fees are calculated using an AUM model (fees are based as a percentage of assets under management)

Tiered fee schedule as follows:

  • First $1.0M at 1.00%
  • Next $5.0M at 0.50%
  • Next $10M at 0.35%
  • Next $20M at 0.25%

For total investable assets over $50M, please reference our Family Office services

Our Approach to Fees: We are not a broker-dealer and do not take kickbacks, spreads, or other monetary compensation for the services we provide our clients outside of our fees. For wealth management services, we charge asset-based fees. For Medicare and Life insurance products we receive a commission.

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