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Client First Capital is an independent financial services firm committed to protecting and sustaining our clients’ wealth and financial wellbeing.  We take time to carefully analyze the goals of the individuals, families and businesses which we service and offer independent and customized financial advice and solutions to meet their needs. We are our clients’ advocates and financial partners for the long run.  

Financial Advisors in San Diego and New York

Our mission is to build you a secure financial future through trust, mutual respect, impartial advice and transparency

Who We Are

Service and Dependability: Our clients come first.  We provide honest and impartial advice based on your goals.  

Integrity: Trust is central to a successful long term relationship.  We are stewards of your capital and adhere to the high watermark for ethical standards in the financial industry as defined by the Chartered Financial Analyst Institution and the CFP® designation.  

Transparency: We have a clear pricing model and believe in full transparency around compensation for our services.  We are not a broker deal and do not take commissions, kick-backs, spreads or other monetary compensation for the services we provide our clients outside of our fees.

Expertise and Insight: We pride ourselves on providing thought leadership in the field of financial services and are able to create and implement complex financial strategies around retirement income, tax planning and estate planning.  

At Client First Capital, we provide customized, evidenced based financial solutions by applying behavioral finance to your long term goals, current financial situation and unique life circumstances.  We are the point person that is accountable for executing our client’s financial strategy and providing ongoing guidance based on clear and transparent reporting around progress towards financial goals.  While no person can control the financial markets, our job is to focus on risk, fees and taxes, three areas which we can control.  Taking a proactive approach around these three areas is crucial to achieving a higher after tax return for your family than simply picking and timing the right investment.  

Our framework encompasses four distinct steps:

  • Discovery: Identifying our client’s long term goals, current financial situation and unique life circumstances.
  • Solutions: No two clients are alike.  We need to find a financial strategy that works for you.  We provide a range of options addressing return targets, risks and key constraints.
  • Execution: Implementing your financial strategy including retirement income, tax planning and estate planning strategies. 
  • Commitment: Ongoing service including monitoring, reporting and adjusting your strategy within a changing landscape.  

We are family advocates, not salespeople

Our Services

We work with individuals and families to craft a highly customized financial plan with well-defined goals incorporating the knowledge based from both the Chartered Financial Analyst Institution and following the guidelines set up by the Certified Financial Planning Board of Standards.  Financial plans are not static and should be updated to reflect life changes. Through ongoing discussions and reviews, we will help you navigate the challenges and opportunities that life brings; keeping you on track toward your financial goals and ensuring your financial wellbeing.  This is an advice only service model specifically designed for clients that prefer to execute their financial and investment strategies themselves.  
Financial Planning Services Include:
• Retirement Planning
• Insurance Planning
• Investment Planning
• Tax Planning
• Estate Planning
Our Approach to Fees: We have a transparent fee structure. For financial planning services only, we charge a flat fee which is determined using a number of hours needed, level of complexity and service needed.

We strive to provide a customized wealth and investment advisory solution focused on building and executing investment strategies with the understanding that no two clients are alike. We do not use cookie cutter models. Instead, we rely on our deep knowledge and insight around best practices for wealth management to build and execute highly tailored, comprehensive and dynamic financial strategies. These financial strategies take into account family dynamics / wealth succession, liquidity needs, risk tolerance and time horizon. In addition to investment selection advice, we focus on managing taxes, fees and expenses to achieve higher yields for our clients. We provide ongoing monitoring and reporting to keep you informed of outcomes. Wealth Management offering catered to individuals and families with 1 million or more investible assets.
Wealth Management Services Include:
  •  Wealth Preservation Strategies
  • Income Strategies
  • Social Security Strategies
  • Portfolio Design
  • Asset Allocation
  • Multi-Generational Strategies
Fees are calculated using an AUM model(ie fees are based as a percentage of assets under management)
  • Tiered fee schedule as follows:
    • First $1.0M at 0.75%
    • Next $5.0M at 0.50%
    • Next $10M at 0.35%
    • Next $20M at 0.25%
    • For total investable assets over $50M, please reference our Family Office services
Our Approach to Fees: We are a fee only firm. We are not a broker deal and do not take commissions, kick-backs, spreads or other monetary compensation for the services we provide our clients outside of our fees. For wealth management services, we charge asset based fees.

For individuals and families with over $50M in investable assets, we provide a personal / family office solution spanning the services listed below.  Our methodologies and services are proven to simplify complex situations seamlessly with your goals leaving you to focus on living your best possible life during and after your career.
• Wealth Management Services including wealth preservation strategies, income strategies and multi-generational strategies
• Custom Investment Advisory encompassing portfolio design, asset allocation and concentrated portfolio protection
• Executive Compensation to include stock options, restricted stock, executive nonqualified plans, insurance and legal services
• Business Structure Planning including business succession, buy/sell and retirement plans
• Proactive Estate Planning Services including IRS calculations on asset transfers
• Trustee Services working with Fidelity’s Trust company and Client First Capital
• Tax Strategies centered around multiyear planning
• Philanthropic Planning including charitable giving strategies, foundation setup, and managing 501(c)(3) entities
• Family Financial Support and Management including mentoring family members on financial literacy
• Bill Pay Services including managing bills and banking activity as well as credit, includes mortgage and lending
Consistent with our values, we provide a tailored experience that synchronizes all the moving pieces in your life and provide support whenever and wherever you and your family need it.
Our Approach to Fees: Fees are structured based on the breadth of services required.    

Committed to providing value through integrity, transparency, knowledge and insight

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