Essential Tips for planning a Multigenerational Vacation

Essential Tips for planning a Multigenerational Vacation

As we slowly prepare to return back to normalcy, it is the perfect time to begin planning a trip with your loved ones.  A multigenerational vacation can be a time to build new memories with your family.  Below are a few things to consider when planning your next trip to make sure it is one for the books!

Tip #1: Include all generations in planning

I wouldn’t be surprised if your family is like mine where opinions, likes, and dislikes are all over the spectrum. In order to narrow down the selection a bit, bring three location ideas to the table with your family and have a discussion on it or hold a vote. It also helps if you have one person taking charge of the actual planning so that the process is organized.

When you are thinking about locations, choose a destination that is accessible for all – not only should it be easy for all to get to but also easy to get around once you are situated. Cruises, safaris, villa stays and beach getaways are great multigenerational locations because they all offer the chance for your family of all ages to enjoy themselves. Locations like these have a lot of opportunities to connect as a group but also have enough space where they can spread out and spend time apart or in smaller groups.

While it may be hard to keep everyone happy, by including your entire family in the planning phase you can get a sense of what is important to them on this trip and plan accordingly.

Tip#2:  Look for activities for all ages

Whether you are staying in an AirBnB, neighboring condos or hotel rooms, or a campsite make sure there is plenty to entertain your entire age range no matter what the weather might be. One activity that is always a winner with my family, is access to a pool. Additionally, water sports, golf, tennis and soccer fields will be a hit with children and teenagers!

Try and schedule a few well thought out local tours too. These adventures are great for making memories and bonding as a family. If you are staying at an AirBnB, reach out to your host ahead of time, they usually know where all of the hidden gems are and are great resources for you to use during planning.

Don’t forget about downtime though! Back to back activities with no time to relax can create an exhausted (and perhaps grumpy) crew!

Tip #3: Give everyone their space

Make sure your destination can accommodate your entire family comfortably. Each person should have their own bed. Work with your family to plan sleeping arrangements ahead of time to mitigate any arguments that might pop up when you arrive.

Tip #4: Pack Light!

While this tip likely applies to all vacations, not just this one I felt like it was a great one to add in. To help you and your family pack appropriately send out a list of the activities prior to leaving for your vacation, this way everyone is packing only what they need. You can’t go wrong with packing casual, culturally appropriate clothing that can be dressed up or down depending on the activity. Don’t forget to dress in layers for the change in temperature throughout the day too. 

Tip #5: Remember to relax

You and your family planned a wonderful trip! Once you get to your destination and get settled, don’t forget to take it all in and relax. Things likely won’t turn out the way you envisioned it, but it isn’t the end of the world and it may even turn out better than you originally planned.

At Client First Capital, we created a Decade Planning Worksheet which our clients fill out with all of their bucket list items, dream vacations and goals so we can create the perfect financial plan and strategy for you to be able to reach them! For more information, please feel free to connect with us by sending an email or filling out our contact form.