An Integrated Approach

Our Integrated Approach to
 Wealth Management

At Client First Capital we rely on our deep knowledge and insight around best practices for wealth management to build and execute highly-tailored, comprehensive, and dynamic financial strategies.

Our integrated approach to wealth management lies at the intersection of investments, taxes and estate planning. As a family advisor, we are best positioned to understand how decisions impact all three of these areas.

Wealth Management


Our investment approach is to create a tailored strategy based on a holistic view of your total portfolio. We take a long-term view to understand market volatility and pay close attention to tax implications for your investments. Learn more →


We work closely with our clients and alongside their CPAs to ensure a robust tax strategy is in place. Our approach uses market-leading tax planning software and scenario analysis with a focus on balancing taxes paid today with future taxes.
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Risk Planning

While no person can control the financial markets, our job is to focus on risk, fees, and taxes: three areas we can control. A proactive approach to these three factors is crucial to achieving a higher probability of success for your family.
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Estate Planning

We provide an integrated estate planning services that take into account our clients’ investments, taxes, values, and family dynamics. We can also serve as a corporate trustee and provide additional comprehensive financial services such as bill pay, real estate services, and tax return preparation. Learn more →
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