Why I Became a Financial Advisor

Why I Became a Financial Advisor

By Loren C. Bailey

Admittedly, I jumped into the financial industry because, as a weird, naive, Midwestern kid of the early 90s, I was attracted to the allure of Wall Street! I moved to New York to work in finance without really knowing anything about the industry and how it worked. Thankfully, even though this seemed like a “hare-brained” idea in hindsight, it ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve made!

In college I developed an interest in both economics and human behavior, not realizing at the time how much those two fields intertwine. As I cut my teeth in the financial world, I saw that I could combine these two passions and improve people’s lives while also making a living. 

Building My Career

After earning a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University, I did a brief stint as a machine wholesaler before packing my bags and moving to New York, starting my career as a financial advisor in 1996. I worked for various, well-known financial institutions, including Charles Schwab and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. Throughout this time, I witnessed the development of the financial industry as we know it today. With years of experience and knowledge under my belt, I started what turned out to be a 14-year stint at JPMorgan Chase as a senior financial advisor. During this time, I completed my Master of Science degree in financial analysis from The College for Financial Planning and earned a certificate in financial planning from New York University. The deeper I got into the industry, the more I loved what I did. But I also saw that it could be done differently, in a way that makes for a more honest value proposition in the advice given. I wanted to change from an environment of product pushing and selling investments to boost corporate revenues, to one of selecting the very best investment vehicles and strategies for my clients. 

Making a Change

After much thoughtful consideration, I made the decision to fully pursue this alternative route to serving my clients. By chance, I reconnected with a former coworker, Amar Shah, who had started his own firm months earlier, Client First Capital. Amar and I shared the same values when it came to the philosophy of transparency, evidence-based advice, and prioritizing long-term relationships with clients, so he asked me to partner with him. Now, I spend my days continuing the mission of helping my clients build a secure financial future through trust, mutual respect, impartial advice, and transparency.   

Hurdles and Triumphs

As a steward of my clients’ finances, I am more than just an advisor—I walk with my clients through life, helping them navigate life’s milestones and challenges. That means I have assisted my clients in facing times of extreme adversity, such as divorce, death, and market downturns. I never knew that the job description of Financial Advisor could also include many other professions (Educator, Sociologist, Therapist, Historian, etc.) at any given time! But despite the challenging times, there’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing people achieve their dreams and having the opportunity to impact not just their lives, but also those of future generations! 

What’s Your Story?

What experiences have led you to where you are today? What financial challenges do you face? Let’s discover the obstacles in your path and the dreams you want to make a reality. Schedule an introductory meeting by emailing me at info@clientfirstcap.com or calling (800) 310-2828 so we can see if we are a good fit for each other!

About Loren

Loren C. Bailey is senior vice president of investments at Client First Capital with more than 23 years of experience in the financial industry. He spends his days helping individuals, families, and businesses achieve their financial goals, specializing in retirement planning, risk management, and small business and nonprofit investment planning. Loren spent over 14 years as a senior financial advisor at JPMorgan Chase and has also worked for Charles Schwab and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. Loren holds a Master of Science degree in financial analysis from The College for Financial Planning and a certificate in financial planning from New York University. Loren grew up in Oak Park, Michigan, and attended Michigan State University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in social science. In his spare time, Loren enjoys traveling, good food, reading biographies, and studying history, ancient cultures, and their economies. To learn more about Loren, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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