Tailored Investment Strategies

Tailored Investment Strategies

At Client First Capital we rely on our deep knowledge and insight around best practices for investment management. Our investment approach is to create a tailored strategy based on a holistic view of your total portfolio which often incorporates elements of tax planning and estate planning. Our investment practice adheres to the highest fiduciary standards with our team members holding the Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Financial Planning designations.

The steps of our investment approach include:

  1. Risk Tolerance – We start by listening to our client’s investment experience and their planning needs. By understanding their downside risk appetite we can build the right portfolio. By using statistics and historical data we can find the best mix of stocks, bonds, and alternatives. We use a basket of low-cost index funds to create this mix as our core holdings.
  2. Risk Management – Our model relies predominantly on the changes in GDP and Inflation. By understanding the relationship to these numbers in terms of rate of change we are able to better risk manage a portfolio over time vs static asset allocation models. Based on the correlations we layering in additional investments in sectors that have a higher probability of risk-adjusted returns given the current environment. As the environment changes so do the sectors that we overweight and underweight.
  3. Tax efficiency – There are many ways that we are more tax-efficient than your average firm. One example is using tax lots vs average cost basis to understand tax efficiency within a portfolio. In addition, we allocate investments based on the account tax status which allows us to take advantage of different tax benefits.
  4. Access to liquidity – We work to ensure that you have access to liquidity within your portfolio regardless of market cycles. One thing has been proven time and time again; time in the market is better than timing the market. We make sure that you always have a safe place to access liquidity.
  5. Transparency – Client First Capital provides detailed investment performance reporting with full transparency around costs and fees using our customized reporting software. We actively manage both fees and taxes as these two factors play a significant role in overall returns.

Our goal is always to build trusted, long-term relationships with our clients founded on evidence-based financial advice and sound investment strategies.

Investment Strategies
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