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At Client First Capital we rely on our deep knowledge and insight around best practices for wealth management to build and execute highly-tailored, comprehensive, and dynamic financial strategies.

Our integrated approach to wealth management lies at the intersection of investments, taxes and estate planning. As a family advisor, we are best positioned to understand how decisions impact all three of these areas.

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1. Investments

Our investment approach is to create a tailored strategy based on a holistic view of your total portfolio. We take a long-term view to understand market volatility and pay close attention to tax implications for your investments. 

Estate Planning

2. Taxes

Taxes are an integral part of any well thought out wealth management strategy. When it comes to taxes, it is about what you keep, not what you make. Further, we believe that this statement holds true for both family and multi-generational planning.

We work closely with our clients and alongside their CPAs to ensure a robust tax strategy is in place. Our approach uses market-leading tax planning software and scenario analysis with a focus on balancing taxes paid today with future taxes.

3. Estate Planning

Effective estate planning ensures a secure financial future for both you and your loved ones and also allows you to leave the legacy you desire.

Estate planning, when done correctly, is a dynamic process given changing asset values and tax codes. We are uniquely positioned to provide an integrated estate planning service as we see all the pieces that need to be taken into account, such as investments, taxes, values, and family dynamics.

To complement our estate planning services, we are able to serve as a corporate trustee and provide additional comprehensive financial services such as bill pay, real estate services, and tax return preparation.

We have three service options to choose from to best suit your needs:

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