Estate Planning & Corporate Trustee Services

Estate Planning & Corporate Trustee Services

Effective estate planning ensures a secure financial future for both you and your loved ones and also allows you to leave the legacy you desire. When done correctly, Estate planning is a dynamic process given changing asset values and tax codes.

With estate planning services that integrate investments, taxes, values, and family dynamics, Client First Capital is uniquely equipped to proactively manage your estate. As a family financial advisor, we guide you through:

  • Selecting the appropriate structures and strategies
  • Identifying appropriate control and distributions
  • Picking the right trustee/executor for your family
  • IRS tax calculations
  • Income respect to a decedent calculations
  • Generations skipping trust
  • Irrevocable income trust

To complement our estate planning services, we are able to serve as a corporate trustee and provide additional comprehensive financial services such as bill pay, real estate services, and tax return preparation.

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